Naphthalene white,

in scales........ 3,000 parts

Camphor......... 1,0.00 parts

Melt on the steam bath and add to the hot mass:

Coumarin............ 2 parts

Mirbane oil.......... 10 parts

Cast in plates or compressed tablets. The preparation is employed as a moth preventive.

Powdered Camphor In Permanent Form


Powder the camphor in the usual manner, with the addition of a little alcohol. When it is nearly reduced to the proper degree of fineness add a few drops of fluid petrolatum and immediately triturate again. In this manner a powder as fine as flour is obtained, which does not cake together. This powdered camphor may be used for all purposes except for solution in alcohol, as it will impart to the latter a faint opalescence, owing to the insolubility of the petrolatum.


Take equal parts of strong ether and alcohol to reduce the camphor to powder. It is claimed for this method that it only takes one-half of the time required when alcohol alone is used, and that the camphor dries more quickly. Before sifting add 1 per cent of white vaseline and 5 per cent of sugar of milk. Triturate fairly dry, spread out in the air, say 15 minutes, then pass through a moderately fine wire sieve, using a stubby shaving brush to assist in working it through.

Camphor Pomade —

Oil of bitter almonds. 1 drachm

Oil of cloves......... 20 drops

Camphor........... 1.5 ounces

White wax.......... 4 ounces

Lard, prepared...... 1 pound

Melt the wax and lard together, then add the camphor in saturated solution in spirit; put in the oils when nearly cold.