Borax.............. 5 parts

Water.............. 95 parts

Casein, sufficient quantity.

Dissolve the borax in water and incorporate enough casein to produce a mass of the proper consistency.


The casein is made feebly alkaline by means of soda or potash lye and then subjected for about 24 hours to a temperature of 140° F. Next follow the customary admixture, such as lime and water glass, and finally, to accomplish a quicker resinification, substances containing tannin are added. For tannic admixtures to the partially disintegrated casein, slight quantities—about 1 per cent—of gallic acid, cutch, or quercitannic acid are employed. The feebly alkaline casein cement containing tannic acid is used in the well-known manner for the gluing together of wood.

For Metals

Make a paste with 16 ounces casein, 20 ounces slaked lime, and 20 ounces of sand, in water.

For Glass


Dissolve casein in a concentrated solution of borax.


Make a paste of casein and water glass.