(a) One-half pound strong glue (any glue if color is immaterial, white fish glue otherwise); soak 12 hours in 12 fluidounces of cold water. (b) One-quarter pound gelatin; soak 2 hours in 12 fluidounces cold water. (c) Two ounces bichromate of potassium dissolved in 8 fluidounces boiling water. Dissolve (a) after soaking, in a glue pot, and add (b). After (a) and (b) are mixed and dissolved, stir in (c). This glue is exceedingly strong, and if the article cemented be exposed to strong sunlight for 1 hour, the glue becomes perfectly waterproof. Of course, it is understood that the exposure to sunlight is to be made after the glue is thoroughly dry. The one objectionable feature of this cement is its color, which is a yellow-brown. By substituting chrome alum in place of the bichromate, an olive color is obtained.


Use a moderately strong gelatin solution (containing 5 to 10 per cent of dry gelatin), to which about 1 part of acid chromate of potassium in solution is added to every 5 parts of gelatin. This mixture has the property of becoming insoluble by water through the action of sunlight under partial reduction of the chromic acid.

Fireproof Glue

Raw linseed oil....... 8 parts

Glue or gelatin........ 1 part

Quicklime........... 2 parts

Soak the glue or gelatin in the oil for 10 to 12 hours, and then melt it by gently heating the oil, and when perfectly fluid stir in the quicklime until the whole mass is homogeneous, then spread out in layers to dry gradually, out of the sun's rays. For use, reheat the glue in a glue pot in the ordinary way of melting glue.