Five ounces powdered cinnamon bark; 2.5 ounces powdered cloves; 2.5

ounces powdered nutmegs; 1.25 ounces powdered caraway seeds; 1.25 ounces powdered coriander seeds; 1 ounce powdered Jamaica ginger; 0.5 ounce powdered allspice. Let all be dry and in fine powder. Mix and pass through a sieve.


Pickling Spice.—Ten pounds small Jamaica ginger; 2.5 pounds black peppercorns; 1.5 pounds white peppercorns; 1.5 pounds allspice; J pound long pepper; 1.25 pounds mustard seed; 0.5 pound chili pods. Cut up ginger and long pepper into small pieces, and mix all the other ingredients intimately.

One ounce to each pint of boiling vinegar is sufficient, but it may be made stronger if desired hot.

Essence of Savory Spices

Two and one-half ounces black peppercorns; 1 ounce pimento; 0.5 ounce nutmeg; 0.5 ounce mace; 0.5 ounce cloves; 0.25 ounce cinnamon bark; 0.25 ounce caraway seeds; 20 grains cayenne pepper; 15 ounces spirit of wine; 5 ounces distilled water. Bruise all the spices and having mixed spirit and water, digest in mixture 14 days, shaking frequently, then filter.