Jamaica ginger, coarse powder.. 4 ounces

Mace, powder.. .. 1/2 ounce

Canada snakeroot, coarse powder.. 60 grains

Oil of lemon..... 1 fluidrachm

Alcohol......... 12 fluidounces

Water........... 4 fluidounces

Magnesium carbonate or purified talcum..... 1 av. ounce

Mix the first four ingredients, and make 16 fluidounces of tincture with the alcohol and water, by percolation. Dissolve the oil of lemon in a small quantity of alcohol, rub with magnesia or talcum, add gradually with constant trituration the tincture, and filter. The extract may be fortified by adding 4 avoirdupois ounces of powdered grains of paradise to the ginger, etc., of the above before extraction with alcohol and water.


Capsicum, coarse

powder......... 8 ounces

Water........... 6 pints

Essence of ginger. 8 fluidounces Diluted alcohol.. . 7 fluidounces Vanilla extract. .. 2 fluidounces

Oil of lemon..... 20 drops

Caramel......... 1 fluidounce

Boil the capsicum with water for three hours, occasionally replacing the water lost by evaporation; filter, concentrate the filtrate on a hot water bath to the consistency of a thin extract, add the remaining ingredients, and filter.


Jamaica ginger,

ground........ 12 ounces

Lemon peel, fresh,

cut fine........ 2 ounces

Capsicum, powder 1 ounce

Calcined magnesia ............ 1 ounce

Alcohol + Water of each sufficient

Extract the mixed ginger and capsicum by percolation so as to obtain 16 fluidounces of water, set the mixture aside for 24 hours, shaking vigorously from time to time, then filter, and pass through the filter enough of a mixture of 2 volumes of alcohol and 1 of water to make the filtrate measure 32 fluidounces. In the latter macerate the lemon peel for 7 days, and again filter.