A good substitute in place of glue or various kinds of cement for fastening emery cloth to the disks of grinders of the Gardner type is to heat or warm the disk and apply a thin coating of beeswax; then put the emery cloth in place and allow to set and cool under pressure.


If 1 part of thymol be mixed with 2 parts of iodoform we obtain a substance that retains its fluidity down to 72° C. (161.6° F.). If the temperature be carried down to 60° C. (140° F.) it suddenly becomes solid and hard. If, in its liquid condition, this substance be mixed intimately with an equal quantity of calcined bone, it forms a cement that can be molded or kneaded into any shape, that, at the temperature of the body (98° F.), becomes as hard as stone, a fact that suggests many useful purposes to which the mixture may be put.