Take gum arabic, 100 parts, by weight; starch, 75 parts by weight; white sugar, 21 parts, by weight; camphor, 4 parts, by weight. Dissolve the gum arable in a little water. On the other hand, dissolve the starch also in some water. When this is done add the sugar and the camphor and put in a water bath. Boil until a paste is formed, which must be rather thin, because it will thicken on cooling.

Strong Cement

Pour over well-washed and cleaned casein 12.5 parts of boiled linseed oil and the same amount of castor oil, put on the fire and bring to a boil; stir actively and add a small amount of a saturated aqueous solution of alum; remove from the fire and set aside. After standing a while a milky-looking fluid will separate at the bottom and rise to the top. This should be poured off and to the residue add 120 parts of rock-candy syrup and 6 parts of dextrine.