Slake 100 parts of burnt lime with 50 parts of water, pour off the supernatant water; next, dissolve 60 parts of lump sugar in 160 parts of water, add to the solution 15 parts of the slaked lime, heat to 70° or 80° C. (158° to 176° F.), and set aside, shaking frequently. Finally dissolve 50 to 60 parts of genuine Cologne glue in 250 parts of the clear solution.


A solution of 10 parts gum arabic and 30 parts of sugar in 100 parts of soda water glass.


A hot solution of 50 parts of Cologne glue in 60 parts of a 20-per-cent aqueous calcium-chloride solution.


A solution of 50 parts of Cologne glue in 60 parts of acetic acid.


Soak isinglass (fish bladder) in acetic acid of 70 per cent until it swells up, then rub it up, adding a little water during the process.

"Shio Liao."—Under this name the Chinese manufacture an excellent cement which takes the place of glue, and with which gypsum, marble, porcelain, stone, and stoneware can be cemented. It consists of the following parts (by weight): Slaked powdered lime, 54 parts; powdered alum, 6 parts; and fresh, well - strained blood, 40 parts. These materials are stirred thoroughly until an intimately bound mass of the consistency of a more or less stiff salve is obtained. In paste form this mass is used as cement; in a liquid state it is employed for painting all sorts of articles which are to be rendered waterproof and durable. Cardboard covers, which are coated with it two or three times, become as hard as wood. The Chinese paint their houses with "shio liao" and glaze their barrels with it, in which they transport oil and other greasy substances.