Chopped ice...... 2 tablespoonfuls

Chocolate syrup .. 2 tablespoonfuls Whipped cream ... 3 tablespoonfuls

Milk............ 0.5 cup

Carbonated water, 0.25 cup Shake or stir well before drinking. A tabltspoonful of vanilla ice cream is a

desirable addition. A plainer drink is made by combining the syrup, 3/4 cup of milk, and the ice, and shaking well.

American Champagne

Good cider (crab-apple cider is the best), 7 gallons; best fourth-proof brandy, 1 quart; genuine champagne wine, 5 pints; milk, 1 gallon; bitartrate of potassa, 2 ounces. Mix, let stand a short time; bottle while fermenting. An excellent imitation.

British Champagne

Loaf sugar, 56 pounds; brown sugar (pale), 48 pounds; water (warm), 45 gallons; white tartar, 4 ounces; mix, and at a proper temperature add yeast, 1 quart; and afterwards sweet cider, 5 gallons; bruised wild cherries, 14 or 15 ounces; pale spirits, 1 gallon; orris powder, J ounce. Bottle while fermenting.

Champagne Cider

Good pale cider, 1 hogshead; spirits, 3 gallons; sugar, 20 pounds; mix, and let it stand one fortnight; then fine with skimmed milk, 0.5 gallon; this will be very pale, and a similar article, when properly bottled and labeled, opens so briskly that even good judges have mistaken it for genuine-champagne.