Scotch Beer

Add 1 peck malt to 4 gallons of boiling water and let it mash for 8 hours, and then strain, and in the strained liquor boil:

Hops............... 4 ounces

Coriander seeds...... 1 ounce

Honey............. 1 pound

Orange peel......... 2 ounces

Bruised ginger....... 1 ounce

Boil for half an hour, then strain and ferment in the usual way.

Hop Bitter Beer

Coriander seeds...... 2 ounces

Orange peel......... 4 ounces

Ginger............. 1 ounce

Gentian root........ 0.5 ounce

Boil in 5 gallons of water for half an hour, then strain and put into the liquor 4 ounces hops and 3 pounds of sugar, and simmer for 15 minutes, then add sufficient yeast, and bottle when ready.

Sarsaparilla Beer


Compound extract of sarsaparilla, 1.5 ounces; hot water, 1 pint; dissolve, and when cold, add of good pale or East India ale, 7 pints.


Sarsaparilla (sliced), 1 pound; guaiacum bark (bruised small), 1/2 pound; guaiacum wood (rasped) and licorice root (sliced), of each, 2 ounces; aniseed (bruised), 1.5 ounces; mezereon root-

bark, 1 ounce; cloves (cut small), 1/2 ounce; moist sugar, 3.5 pounds; hot water (not boiling), 9 quarts; mix in a clean stone jar, and keep it in a moderately warm room (shaking it twice or thrice daily) until active fermentation sets in, then let it repose for about a week, when it will be ready for use. This is said to be superior to the other preparations of sarsaparilla as an alterative or purifier of the blood, particularly in old affections. That usually made has generally only 1/2 of the above quantity of sugar, for which molasses is often substituted; but in either case it will not keep well; whereas, with proper caution, the products of the above formulas may be kept for 1 or even 2 years. No yeast must be used. Dose: A small tumblerful 3 or 4 times a day, or oftener.