(a) Citric acid....... 1 part

Concentrated solution of borax ... 2 parts Distilled water.... 16 parts Dissolve the acid in the water, add the borax solution, and mix by agitation.

(b) Chloride of lime. ..     3 parts

Water...........   16 parts

Concentrated borax solution.....     2 parts

Add the chloride of lime to the water, shake well and set aside for a week, then decant the clear liquid and to it add the borax solution.

For use, saturate the spot with solution (a), apply a blotter to take off the excess of liquid, then apply solution (6). When the stain has disappeared, apply the blotter and wet the spot with clean water; finally dry between two sheets of blotting paper.


(a) Mix, in equal parts, potassium chloride, potassium hypochlorite, and oil of peppermint. (b) Sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid and water, in equal parts.

Wet the spot with (a), let dry, then brush it over lightly with (6), and rinse in clear water.

A good single mixture which will answer for most inks is made by mixing citric acid and alum in equal parts. If desired to vend in a liquid form add an equal part of water. In use, the powder is spread well over the spot and (if on cloth or woven fabrics) well rubbed in with the fingers. A few drops of water are then added, and also rubbed in. A final rinsing with water completes the process.