V—Boric acid....... 50 parts

Salicylic acid..... SO parts

Dragon's blood... 20 parts Calcium carbonate........... 1,000 parts

Essence spearmint. 12 parts Reduce the dragon's blood and calcium carbonate to the finest powder, and mix the ingredients thoroughly. The powder should be used twice a day, or even oftener, in bad cases. It is especially recommended in cases where the enamel has become eroded from the effects of iron.

Menthol Tooth Powder

Menthol leaves a cool and pleasant sensation in the mouth, and is excellent for fetid breath. It may be added to most formulas by taking an equal quantity of oil of wintergreen and dissolving in alcohol.

Menthol.......... 1 part

Salol.............. 8 parts

Soap, grated fine.... 20 parts

Calcium carbonate.. 20 parts

Magnesia carbonate 60 parts

Essential oil of mint. 2 parts

Powder finely and mix. If there is

much tartar on the teeth it will be well

to add to this formula from 10 to 20

parts of pumice, powdered very finely.