In France and all over Europe peppermint is the popular flavor, as wintergreen is in this country.

English apothecaries use sugar of milk and heavy calcined magnesia in many of their tooth powders. Neither has any particular virtue as a tooth cleanser, but both are harmless. Cane sugar is preferable to milk sugar as a sweetener, and saccharine is more efficient, though objected to by some; it should be used in the proportion of 2 to 5 grains to the pound of powder, and great care taken to have it thoroughly distributed throughout.

An antiseptic tooth powder, containing the antiseptic ingredients of listerine, is popular in some localities.


Precipitated chalk . . 1 pound.

Castile soap........ 5 drachms

Borax............. 3 drachms

Thymol........... 20 grains

Menthol........... 20 grains

Eucalyptol......... 20 grains

Oil of wintergreen . . 20 grains

Alcohol........... J ounce

Dissolve the thymol and oils in the alcohol, and triturate with the chalk, and proceed as in the first formula.

One fault with this powder is the disagreeable taste of the thymol. This may be omitted and the oil of winter-green increased to the improvement of the taste, but with some loss of antiseptic power.