Vanilla beans, chopped fine . . 5 parts

Tonka beans, powdered..... 10 parts

Sugar, powdered. 14 parts

Alcohol, 95 per cent.......... 25 parts

Water, quantity sufficient to make 100 parts. Rub the sugar and vanilla to a fine powder, add the tonka beans, and incorporate. Pack into a filter, and pour on 10 parts of alcohol, cut with 15 parts of water; close the faucet, and let macerate overnight. In the morning percolate with the remaining alcohol, added to 80 parts of water, until 100 parts of percolate pass through.


Vanilla beans.....     4 ounces

Tonka beans.....     8 ounces

Deodorized alcohol     8 pints

Simple syrup.....     2 pints

Cut and bruise the vanilla beans, afterwards bruising the tonka beans. Macerate for 14 days in one-half of the spirit, with occasional agitation. Pour off the clear liquor and set aside; pour the remaining spirits in the magma, and heat by means of the water bath to about 170° P. in a loosely covered vessel. Keep at this temperature 2 or 3 hours, and strain through flannel, with slight pressure. Mix the two portions of liquid, and filter through felt. Add the syrup.