Vanilla, in fine bits, 250 parts, is put into 1,350 parts of mixture, of 2,500 parts 95 per cent alcohol, and 1,500 parts distilled water. Cover tightly, put on the water bath, and digest for 1 hour, at 140° F. Pour off the liquid and set aside. To the residue in the bath, add half the remaining water, and treat in the same manner. Pack the vanilla in an extraction apparatus, and treat with 250 parts of alcohol and water, mixed in the same proportions as before. Mix the results of the three infusions first made, filter, and wash the filter paper with the results of the percolation, allowing the filtered percolate to mingle with the filtrate of the mixed infusions.


Take 60 parts of the best vanilla beans, cut into little pieces, and put into a deep vessel, wrapped with a cloth to retain the heat as long as possible. Shake over the vanilla 1 part of potassium carbonate in powder, and immediately add 240 parts distilled water, in an active state of ebullition. Cover the vessel closely, set aside until it is completely cold, and then add 720 parts alcohol. Cover closely, and set aside in a moderately warm place for 15 days, when the liquid is strained off, the residue pressed, and the whole colate filtered. The addition of 1 part musk to the vanilla before pouring on the hot water improves this essence.

To prepare vanilla fountain syrup with extracts I or II, mix 25 minims of the extract with 1 pint simple syrup. Color with caramel.


Vanilla beans, cut fine............. 1 ounce

Sugar............. 3 ounces

Alcohol, 50 per cent. 1 pint Beat sugar and vanilla together to a fine powder. Pour on the dilute alcohol, cork the vessel, and let stand for 2 weeks, shaking it up 2 or 3 times a day.


Vanilla beans, chopped fine. . . 30 parts Potassium carbonate ...........         1 part

Boiling water.. .'. 1,450 parts

Alcohol......... 450 parts

Essence of musk..         1 part

Dissolve the potassium carbonate in the boiling water, add the vanilla, cover the vessel, and let stand in a moderately warm place until cold. Transfer to a wide-mouthed jar, add the alcohol, cork, and let macerate for 15 days; then decant the clear essence and filter the remainder. Mix the two liquids and add the essence of musk.


Cut 60 parts of best vanilla beans into small bits; put into a deep vessel, which should be well wrapped in a woolen cloth to retain heat as long as possible. Shake over the beans 1 part of potassium carbonate, in powder, then pour over the mass 240 parts distilled water, in an active state of ebullition, cover the vessel closely, and set aside in a moderately warm place. When quite cold add 720 parts alcohol, close the vessel tightly, and set aside in a moderately warm place, to macerate for 15 days, then strain off, press out, and set aside for a day or two. The liquid may then be filtered and bottled. The addition of a little musk to the beans before pouring on the hot water, is thought by many to greatly improve the product. One part of this extract added to 300 parts simple syrup is excellent for fountain purposes.


Vanilla beans.......     8 ounces

Glycerine. .'........     6 ounces

Granulated sugar. . .     1 pound

Water.............     4 pints

Alcohol of cologne spirits...........     4 pints

Cut or grind the beans very fine; rub with the glycerine and put in a wooden keg; dissolve the sugar in the water, first heating the water, if convenient; mix the water and spirits, and add to the vanilla; pour in keg. Keep in a warm place from 3 to 6 months before using. Shake often. To clear, percolate through the dregs. If a dark, rich color is desired add a little sugar coloring.


Vanilla beans, good quality.. 16 ounces

Alcohol........ 64 fiuidounces

Glycerine...... 24 fiuidounces

Water......... 10 fiuidounces

Dilute alcohol, quantity sufficient. Mix and macerate, with frequent agitation, for 3 weeks, filter, and add dilute alcohol to make 1 gallon.


Vanilla beans,

good quality. . . 8 ounces Pumice stone,

lump......... 1 ounce

Rock candy..... 8 ounces

Alcohol and water, of each a sufficiency.

Cut the beans to fine shreds and triturate well with the pumice stone and rock candy. Place the whole in a percolator and percolate with a menstruum composed of 9 parts alcohol and 7 parts water until the percolate passes through clear. Bring the bulk up to 1 gallon with the same menstruum and set aside to ripen.


Cut up, as finely as possible, 20 parts of vanilla bean and with 40 parts of milk sugar (rendered as dry as possible by being kept in a drying closet until it no longer loses weight) rub to a coarse powder. Moisten with 10 parts of dilute alcohol, pack somewhat loosely in a closed percolator and let stand for 2 hours. Add 40 parts of dilute alcohol, close the percolator, and let stand 8 days. At the end of this time add 110 parts of dilute alcohol, and let pass through. The residue will repay working over. Dry it well, add 5 parts of vanillin, and 110 parts of milk sugar and pass through a sieve, then treat as before.