Bordeaux red, O. S. 15 parts Aniline red, O. S... . 15 parts Crude oleic acid. ... 45 parts Castor oil enough to make 1,000 parts Rub the colors up with the oleic acid, add the oil, warming the whole to 100° to 110° F. (not higher), under constant stirring. If the color is not sufficiently intense for your purposes, rub up a trifle more of it with oleic acid, and add it to the ink. By a little experimentation you can get an ink exactly to your desire in the matter.


II.—Aniline black, O. S.. 5 parts Oleic acid, crude.... 5 parts Castor oil, quantity sufficient to 100 parts.



Aniline violet, O. S.. 3 parts Crude oleic acid. ... 5 parts Castor oil, quantity sufficient to 100 parts. The penetration of the ink may be increased ad libitum by the addition of a few drops of absolute alcohol, or, better, of benzol.


For reinking ribbons use the following recipe for black: One ounce aniline black; 15 ounces pure grain alcohol; 15 ounces concentrated glycerine. Dissolve the aniline black in the alcohol and then add the glycerine. For blue use Prussian blue, and for red use red lead instead of the aniline black. This ink is also good for rubber stamp pads.