A much deeper and richer color than that ordinarily attained may be secured by adding to crushed raspberries, before fermentation, small quantities of sugar, sifted over the surface in layers. The ethylic alcohol produced by fermentation in this manner aids in the extraction of the red coloring matter of the fruit. Moreover, the fermented juice should never be cooked over a fire, but by superheated steam. Only in this way can caramelization be completely avoided. Only sugar free from ultramarine and chalk should be used in making the syrup, as these impurities also have a bad influence on the color.

Raspberry Essences


Raspberries, fresh .. 16 ounces

Angelica (California) 6 fluidounces Brandy (California) 6 ounces

Alcohol........... 6 ounces

Water, quantity sufficient.

Mash the berries to a pulp in a mortar or bowl, and transfer to a flask, along with the Angelica, brandy, alcohol, and about 8 ounces of water. Let macerate overnight, then distil off until 32 ounces have passed over. Color red. The addition of a trifle of essence of vanilla improves this essence.


Fresh raspberries. .. 200 grams

Water, distilled..... 100 grams

Vanilla essence..... 2 grams

Pulp the raspberries, let stand at a temperature of about 70° F. for 48 hours, and then add 100 grams of water. Fifty grams are then distilled off, and alcohol, 90 per cent, 25 grams, in which 0.01 vanillin has been previously dissolved, is added to the distillate.