Whites of.........

2    eggs

5 fluidounces

3    fluidounces 1/3 fluidounce

4    fluidounces


Water of ammonia. Cologne water

Beat the egg whites to a froth, and add the other ingredients in the order in which they are named, with a thorough mixing after each addition.

Imitation Egg Shampoos

Many of the egg shampoos are so called from their appearance. They usually contain no egg and are merely preparations of perfumed soft soap. Here are some formulas:


—White castile soap.. ..

4 ounces


Powdered curd soap..

2 ounces


Potassium carbonate.

1 ounce



1 ounce

Make a homogeneous paste by heating with water.


Melt 3.5 pounds of lard over a salt-water bath and run into it a lye formed by dissolving 8 ounces of caustic potassa in 1.5 pints of water. Stir well until saponification is effected and perfume as desired.