Blacking for Harness


In a water bath dissolve 90 parts of yellow wax in 900 parts of oil of turpentine; aside from this mix well together, all the ingredients being finely powdered, 10 parts of Prussian blue, 5 parts of indigo, 50 parts of bone black, and work this into a portion of the above-mentioned waxy solution. Now throw this into the original solution, which still remains in the water bath, and stir it vigorously until the mass becomes homogeneous, after which pour it into any convenient earthenware receptacle.


Best glue, 4 ounces; good vinegar, 1.5 pints; best gum arabic, 2 ounces; good black ink, 1/2 pint; best isinglass, 2 drachms. Dissolve the gum in the ink, and melt the isinglass in another vessel in as much hot water as will cover it. Having first steeped the glue in the vinegar until soft, dissolve it completely by the aid of heat, stirring to prevent burning. The heat should not exceed 180° F. Add the gum and ink, and allow the mixture to rise again to the same temperature. Lastly mix the solution in isinglass, and remove from fire. When used, a small portion must be heated until fluid, and then applied with a sponge and allowed to dry on.

Dressings for Harness


Ox blood, fresh and well purified.......100 parts

Glycerine, technical. 20 parts

Turpentine oil...... 30 parts

Pine oil............ 50 parts

Ox gall............ 20 parts

Formalin.......... 1.5 parts

The raw materials are stirred together cold in the order named. Pour the mixture through thin linen. It imparts a wonderful mild, permanent gloss.


A French harness dressing of good quality consists of oil of turpentine, 900 parts; yellow wax, 90 parts; Berlin blue, 10 parts; indigo, 5 parts; and bone black, 50 -parts. Dissolve the yellow wax in the oil of turpentine with the aid of moderate heat in a water bath, mix the remaining substances, which should previously be well pulverized, and work them with a small portion of the wax solution. Finally, add the rest of the wax solution, and mix the whole well in the water bath. When a homogeneous liquid has resulted, pour it into earthen receptacles.

Harness Oils


Neatsfoot oil....... 10 ounces

Oil of turpentine... . 2 ounces

Petrolatum........ 4 ounces

Lampblack........ J ounce

Mix the lampblack with the turpentine and the neatsfoot oil, melt the petrolatum and mix by shaking together.


Black aniline.... 35 grains Muriatic acid ... 50 minims

Bone black..... 175 grains

Lampblack..... 18 grains

Yellow wax..... 2.5 av. ounces

Oil of turpentine 22 fluidounces


Oil of turpentine 8 fluidounces

Yellow wax..... 2 av. ounces

Prussian blue ...         0.5 av. ounce

Lampblack.....         0.5 a v. ounce

Melt the wax, add the turpentine, a portion first to the finely powdered Prussian blue and lampblack, and thin with neatsfoot oil.