Infants' (Malted) Food


Powdered malt .... 1 ounce Oatmeal (finest

ground)......... 2 ounces

Sugar of milk...... 4 ounces

Baked flour........ 1 pound

Mix thoroughly.


Infantine is a German infant food which is stated to contain egg albumen, 5.5 per cent; fat, 0.08 per cent; water, 4.22 per cent; carbohydrates, 86.58 per cent (of which 54.08 per cent is soluble in water); and ash, 2.81 per cent (consisting of calcium, 10.11 per cent; potassium, 2.64 per cent; sodium, 25.27 per cent; chlorine, 36.65 per cent; sulphuric acid, 3.13 per cent; and phosphoric acid, 18.51 per cent).