These colors, thickened with a little gum, may be used as inks in writing, or as colors to tint maps, foils, artificial flowers, etc., or to paint on velvet:


Blue.—Dilute Saxon blue or sulphate of indigo with water. If required for delicate work, neutralize with chalk.


Purple.—Add a little alum to a strained decoction of logwood.


Green.—Dissolve sap green in water and add a little alum.


Yellow.—Dissolve annatto in a weak lye of subcarbonate of soda or potash.


Golden Color.—Steep French berries in hot water, strain, and add a little gum and alum.


Red.—Dissolve carmine in ammonia, or in weak carbonate of potash water, or infuse powdered cochineal in water, strain, and add a little gum in water.