To Cleanse Wool

Make a hot bath composed of water, 4 parts; and urine, 1 part; enter the wool, teasing and opening it out to admit the full action of the liquid. After 20 minutes' immersion, remove from the liquid and allow it to drain; then rinse in clean running Water, and spread out to dry. The liquid is good for subsequent operations, only keep up the proportions, and use no soap.

To Extract Oil Spots from Finished Goods

Saturate the spot with benzine; then place two pieces of very soft blotting paper under and two upon it, press well with a hot iron, and the grease will be absorbed.

New Mordant for Aniline Colors

Immerse the goods for some hours in a bath of cold water in which chloride or acetate of zinc has been dissolved until the solution shows 2° Be. For the wool the mordanting bath should be at a boiling heat, and the goods should also be placed in a warm bath of tannin, 90° F., for half an hour. In dyeing, a hot solution of the color must be used to which should be added, in the case of the cotton, some chloride of zinc, and, in the case of the wool, a certain amount of tannin solution.

To Render Aniline Colors Soluble in Water

A solution of gelatin in acetic acid of almost the consistence of syrups is first made, and the aniline in fine is gradually added, stirring all the time so as to make a homogeneous paste. The mixture is then to be heated Over a water bath to the temperature of boiling water and kept at that heat for some time.

Limewater for Dyers' Use

Put some lime, 1 pound, and strong limewater, 1.5 pounds, into a pail of water; rummage well for 7 or 8 minutes. Then let it rest until the lime is precipitated and the water clear; add this quantity to a tubful of clear water.

To Renew Old Silks

Unravel and put them in a tub, cover with cold water, and let them remain 1 hour. Dip them up and down, but do not wring; hang up to drain, and iron while very damp.

Fuller's Purifier for Cloths

Dry, pulverize, and sift the following ingredients: Fuller's earth, 6 pounds; French chalk, 4 ounces; pipe clay, 1 pound. Make into a paste with rectified oil of turpentine, 1 ounce; alcohol, 2 ounces; melted oil soap, 1.5 pounds. Compound the mixture into cakes of any desired size, keeping them in water, or small wooden boxes.

To Fix Dyes

Dissolve 20 ounces of gelatin in water, and add 3 ounces of bichromate of potash. This is done in a dark room. The coloring matter is then added and the goods submitted thereto, after which they are exposed to the action of light. The pigment thus becomes insoluble in water and the color is fast.