In coating steel or other furnaces, first brush over the brickwork to be covered a solution made by boiling 1 pound each of silicate of soda and alum in 4 gallons of water, and follow immediately with composition:

Silica............. 50 parts

Plastic fire clay .... 10 parts

Ball clay.......... 3 parts

Mix well.

Fireproof Compositions

II.—For furnaces, etc.:

Pure silica (in grain) 60 parts

Ground flint....... 8 parts

Plaster of Paris..... 3 parts

Ball clay........... 3 parts

Mix well together by passing once or more through a fine sieve, and use in the same way as cement.

Fireproof Paper

Paper is rendered fireproof by saturating it with a solution of

Ammonium sulphate. 8 parts

Boracic acid......... 3 parts

Borax.............. 2 parts

Water..............100 parts

For the same purpose sodium tungstate may also be employed.

Fireproof Coating

A fireproof coating (so-called) consists of water, 100 parts; strong glue, 20 parts; silicate of soda, 38° Be., 50 parts; carbonate of soda, 35 parts; cork in pieces of the size of a pea, 100 parts.

Colored Fireproofing

I. — Ammonium sulphate, 70 parts; borax, 50 parts; glue, 1 part; and water up to 1,000 parts.


Solution of glue, 5 parts, zinc chloride, 2 parts; sal ammoniac, 80 parts; borax, 57 parts; and water up to 700 parts.

If the coating is to be made visible by coloration, an addition of 10 parts of Cassel brown and 6 parts of soda per 1,000 parts is recommended, which may be dissolved separately in a portion of the water used.


See Celluloid.


See Paper.