Sticklac.......... 925 parts

Sandarac ........ 875 parts

Larch turpentine.. . 270 parts Alcohol, 96 per cent 3,500 parts

The sticklac is broken up and mixed with the sandarac, put into a suitable container with a wide mouth, the spirit poured over it and set aside. After standing for a week in a warm place, frequently stirring in the meantime (best with a glass rod) and fully dissolving, stir in the turpentine. Let stand 2 or 3 days longer, then filter through glass wool. The sandarac dissolves completely in the spirit, but the stick leaves a slight residue which may be added to the next lot of lac made up and thus be treated to a fresh portion of spirit. The larch turpentine should be of the best quality. This lac is used by woodcarvers and turners and is very much prized by them.

Mastic Lac


Mastic, select...... 150 parts

Sandarac......... 400 parts

Camphor......... 15 parts

Alcohol, 96 per cent 1,000 parts Prepare as directed in the first recipe.

Leather Polish Lac


Shellac........... 16 parts

Venice turpentine.. 8 parts

Sandarac......... 4 parts

Lampblack, Swedish ............. 2 parts

Turpentine oil... . 4 parts Alcohol, 96 per cent 960 parts The alcohol and turpentine oil are mixed and warmed under constant stirring in the sand or water bath. The shellac and sandarac are now stirred in, the stirring being maintained until both are dissolvea. Finally add the turpentine and dissolve. Stir the lampblack with a little vinegar and then add and stir in. Instead of lampblack 125 to 150

parts of nigrosin may be used. This lac should be well shaken before application.


See Cleaning Preparations and Methods.