Grated peel of 24 oranges; alcohol, 1 quart; water, 1 quart; oil of orange, 4 drachms. Macerate the orange peel and oil of orange with alcohol for 2 weeks. Add distilled water and filter.

Orange Extract, Soluble


Pure oil of orange, 1.25 fluidounces; carbonate of magnesium, 2 ounces; alcohol, 12 fluidounces; water, quantity sufficient to make 2 pints.


Dissolve oil of orange in the alcohol, and rub it with the carbonate of magnesium, in a mortar. Pour the mixture into a quart bottle, and fill the bottle with water. Allow to macerate for a week or more, shaking every day. Then filter through paper, adding enough water through the paper to make filtrate measure 2 pints.

Orange Peel, Soluble Extract

Freshly grated orange rind.............. 1 part

Deodorized alcohol.. . 1 part Macerate for 4 days and express. Add the expressed liquid to 10 per cent of its weight of powdered magnesium carbonate in a mortar, and rub thoroughly until a smooth, creamy mixture results; then gradually add the water, constantly stirring. Let stand for 48 hours, then filter through paper. Keep in an amber bottle and cool place. To make syrup of orange, add 1 part of this extract to 7 parts of heavy simple syrup.