Mutton suet....... 50 parts

Sweet oil.......... 50 parts

Turpentine........ 1 part

Melt together. The application should be made on the dry leather warmed to the point where it will liquefy and absorb the fat.


Equal parts of mutton fat and linseed oil. mixed with one-tenth their weight of Venice turpentine, and melted together in an earthen pipkin, will produce a "dubbin" which is very efficacious in preserving leather when exposed to wet or snow, etc. The mixture should be applied when the leather is quite dry and warm.


A solution of 1 ounce of solid paraffine in 1 pint light naphtha, to which 6 drops of sweet oil have been added, is put cold on the soles, until they will absorb no more. One dressing will do for the uppers. This process is claimed to vastly increase the tensile strength.

Patent Leather Preserver

Carnauba wax........ 1.0 part

Turpentine oil....... 9.5 parts

Aniline black, soluble

in fat............. 0.06 parts

Melt the wax, stir in the turpentine oil and the dye and scent with a little mirbane oil or lavender oil. The paste is rubbed out on the patent leather by means of a soft rag, and when dry should be polished with a soft brush.