Vinegar............ 1 gallon

Ivory black.........   14 ounces

Ground iron scales.. .     6 pounds

Mix well and allow to  stand a few days.

Red Stain

Water, 1 quart; spirit of hartshorn, 1 quart; cochineal, 1/4 pound. Heat the water to near the boiling point, and then dissolve in it the cochineal, afterwards adding the spirit of hartshorn. Stir well to incorporate.

Liquid Cochineal Stain

Good French carmine 2.5 drachms

Solution of potash..... 0.5 ounce

Rectified spirit of wine 2 ounces

Pure glycerine........ 4 ounces

Distilled water to make 1 pint. To the carmine in a 20-ounce bottle add 14 ounces of distilled water. Then gradually introduce solution of potash, shaking now and again until dissolved. Add glycerine and spirit of wine, making up to 20 ounces with distilled water, and filter.

Blue Black

Ale droppings, 2 gallons; bruised galls, 0.5 pound; logwood extract, 1/4 pound; indigo extract, 2 ounces; sulphate of iron, 3.5 ounces. Heat together and strain.

Finishers' Ink

Soft water, 1 gallon; logwood extract, 1.25 ounces; green vitriol, 2.5 ounces; potassium bichromate, 0.5 ounce; gum arabic, 0.5 ounce.

Grind the gum and potassium bichromate to powder and then add all the coloring ingredients to the water and boil.

To Restore Patent Leather Dash

Take raw linseed oil, 1 part; cider vinegar, 4 ounces; alcohol, 2 ounces; butter of antimony, 1 ounce; aqua ammonia, 0.5 ounce; spirits of camphor, 0.5 ounce; lavender, 0.5 ounce. Shake well together: apply with a soft brush.