By weight


Yellow wax.......     85 parts

Spermaceti.......     60 parts

Sweet oil.........   500 parts

Melt and add:

Boiling distilled

water..........   150 parts

After cooling add:

Clove oil..........       2 parts

Thyme oil........       3 parts

Eucalyptus oil. . . .       4 parts


Bay oil, pressed . ..   100 parts

Acetic ether.......     12 parts

Clove oil..........       4 parts

Eucalyptus oil.....       3 parts

For Head Lice in Children

One of the best remedies is a vinegar of sabadilla. This is prepared as follows: Sabadilla seed, 5 parts; alcohol, 5 parts; acetic acid, 9  parts; and water, 36 parts. Macerate for 3 days, express and filter. The directions are: Moisten the scalp and hair thoroughly at bedtime, binding a cloth around the head, and let remain overnight. If there are any sore spots on the scalp, these should be well greased before applying the vinegar.

To Exterminate Mites

Mix together

10 parts of naphthalene, 10 parts of phenic acid, 5 parts of camphor, 5 parts of lemon oil, 2 parts of thyme oil, 2 parts of oil of lavender, and 2 parts of the oil of juniper, in 500 parts of pure alcohol.

Vermin Killer

Sabadilla, powder.. 2 a v. ounces

Acetic acid........ 1/2 fluidouncc

Wood alcohol..... 2 fluidounces

Water sufficient to make 16 fluidounces.

Mix the acetic acid with 14 fluidouncesof water and boil the sabadilla in thismixture for 5 to 10 minutes, and whennearly cold add the alcohol, let stand,and decant the clear solution and bottle.

Directions: Shake the bottle and applyto the affected parts night and morning.