Add to a sample of the syrup or juice, in a test tube, its own volume of distilled water, and agitate to get a thorough mixture, then add a few drops of the standard solution of lead diacetate, shake, and filter. If the syrup is free from aniline coloring matter the filtrate will be clear as crystal, since the lead salt precipitates natural coloring matters, but has no effect upon the aniline colors.

To Test Fruit Juices for Salicylic Acid

Put a portion of the juice to be tested in a large test tube, add the same volume of ether, close the mouth of the tube and shake gently for 30 seconds. Set aside until the liquid separates into two layers. Draw off the supernatant ethereal portion and evaporate to dryness in a capsule. Dissolve the residue in alcohol, dilute with 3 volumes of water, and add 1 drop of tincture of iron chloride. If salicylic acid be present the characteristic purple color will instantly disappear.