Dissolve, by the aid of heat, 40 parts of white castile soap, shaved fine, in 1,200 parts of soft water, and to the solution, when cold, gradually add, under constant stirring, 1 part of the strongest water of ammonia. Soak the goods in this solution for 2 hours, then let them be washed as usual for fine flannels. A better process, in the hands of experts, is to soak the goods for an hour or so in a dilute solution of sodium hyposulphite, remove, add to the solution sufficient dilute hydrochloric acid to decompose the hyposulphite. Replace the goods, cover the tub closely, and let remain for 15 minutes longer. Then remove the running water, if convenient, and if not, wring out quickly, and rinse in clear water. One not an expert at such work must be very careful in the rinsing, as care must be taken to get out every trace of chemical. This is best done by a second rinsing.

Ink for the Laundry

The following is said to make a fine, jet-black laundry ink:

a.   Copper chloride crystals.............     85 parts

Sodium chlorate. . . .   106 parts

Ammonium chloride     53 parts

Water, distilled.....   600 parts

b.   Glycerine.......... 100 parts

Mucilage gum arabic (gum, 1 part; water, 2 parts).. .. 200 parts

Aniline hydrochlorate.............. 200 parts

Distilled water...... 300 parts

Make solutions a and b and preserve in separate bottles. When wanted for use, mix 1 part of solution a with 4 parts of solution b.