Before black plate is ready to receive a rust protective coating, it is necessary to render the surface free from grease and scales, for which purpose the sheet iron is placed for some time into a warmed solution of 10 parts of sulphuric acid in 100 parts of water, whereby the impurities become detached, a process which may be assisted and accelerated by scouring with sand. Then rinse in clean water and rub dry in sawdust. The sheets thus prepared are placed for a short while into a feeble solution of blue vitriol, where they assume a reddish coloring. Next, they are rinsed in water, and after that moved to and fro, for a short time, in a feeble solution of hyposulphite of soda acidulated with a little hydrochloric acid. The result is a dark-blue coating on the sheets, which prevents all oxidation.

To Keep Machinery Bright


In order to keep machinery from rusting take 1 ounce of camphor, dissolve it in 1 pound of melted lard; take off the scum, and mix as much fine black lead as will give it iron color. Clean the machinery and smear it with this mixture. After 24 hours, rub clean with soft linen cloth. It will keep clean for months under ordinary circumstances.


Mastic, transparent grains........... 10 parts

Camphor.......... 5 parts

Sandarac.......... 5 parts

Gum elemi......... 5 parts

Alcohol, wood, quantity sufficient to dissolve.

Mix and cover the articles with the solution. The latter will take the lacquer better if warmed slightly, but may be easily covered in the cold, if necessary.