To make a salt print, ink over it with waterproof ink, then bleach out white all but the black lines. Sensitize Clemon's mat surface paper on a 40-grain bath of nitrate of silver. After fuming and printing, the print is thoroughly fixed in hyposulphite of soda solution, and washed in running water until every trace of the hypo is out of the print. On this the permanency of the bleaching operation depends. The bleaching bath is:-

Bichloride of mercury 1 ounce

Water.............. 5 ounces

Alcohol............. 1 ounce

Hydrochloric acid.... 1 drachm-

If the drawing has been made with non-waterproof ink, then alcohol is substituted for the water in the formula. For safety, use an alcoholic solution of mercury. The bleaching solution is poured on and off the drawing, and, when the print is bleached white, the mercury is washed off the drawing by holding it for a few moments under running water. Photographs bleached in this way will keep white for years.