The following aniline process of preparing sensitive paper is employed by the Prussian and Hessian railway administrations. The ordinary paper on reels is used for the purpose, and sensitized as follows:

Two hundred and fifty parts, by weight, of powdered potassium bichromate are dissolved in water; the solution should be completely saturated; 10 parts of concentrated sulphuric acid, 10 parts of alcohol (962), and 30 parts of phosphoric acid, are added successively, and the whole stirred together. The solution is sponged over the paper. It is not necessary to have the room absolutely dark, or to work by a red light, still the light should be obscured. The drying of the paper, in the same place, takes about 10 minutes, after which the tracing to be reproduced and the paper are placed in a frame, as usual, and exposed to daylight. On a sunny day, an exposure of 35 seconds is enough; in cloudy weather, 60 to 70 seconds; on a very dark day. as much as 5 minutes.

After exposure, the paper is fixed by suspending it for 20 minutes upon a bar in a closed wooden box, on the bottom of which are laid some sheets of blotting paper, sprinkled with 40 drops of benzine and 20 of crude aniline oil. The vapors given off will develop the design. Several impressions may be taken at the same time.

For fixing, crude aniline oil is to be used (anilinum purum), not refined (purissimum), for the reason that the former alone contains the substances necessary for the operation. The reproduced design is placed in water for a few minutes, and hung up to dry.