Add 2 ounces of S. P. C. clarifier (acid bisulphite of sodium) solution to 1 quart of hypo solution 1 in 5.

Combined Alum and Hypo Bath

Add saturated solution of sulphite of sodium to saturated solution of alum till the white precipitate formed remains undissolved, and when the odor of sulphurous acid becomes perceptible.

Mix this solution with an equal bulk of freshly prepared hypo solution 1 in 5, and filter.

This bath will remain clear.

Clearing Solution (Edward's)

Alum......1 ounce avoirdupois

Citric acid.. 1 ounce avoirdupois

Sulphate of iron, crystals...... 3 ounces avoirdupois

Water...... 1 imperial pint

This should be freshly mixed.

Clearing Solution

Saturated solution of alum............. 20 ounces

Hydrochloric acid. ... 1 ounce

Immerse negative after fixing and washing. Wash well after removal.