Beef and Iron

The following formula is recommended by the American Pharmaceutical Association:


Extract of beef.... 35 grams

Tincture of citro chloride of iron.. 35 c.c.

Compound spirit of orange....... 1 c.c.

Hot water........ 60 c.c.

Alcohol.......... 125 c.c.

Syrup............ 125 c.c.

Sherry wine sufficient to make.. . .1,000 c.c. Rub the extract of beef with the hot water, and add, while stirring, the alcohol. Allow to stand 3 days or more, then filter and distill off the alcohol. Add to the residue 750 cubic centimeters of the wine, to which the compound spirit of orange has been previously added. Finally add the tincture of citrochloride of iron, syrup, and enough wine to make 1,000 cubic centimeters. Filter if necessary.


For Poultry and Stock.—A good formula for wine of beef and iron is as follows:

Beef extract.......256 grains

Tincture of iron citro-chloride. .. 256 minims

Hot water........ 1 fluidounce

Sherry wine enough to make........ 1 pint

Pour the hot water in the beef extract and triturate until a smooth mixture is made. To this add, gradually and under constant stirring, 12 ounces of the wine. Add now, under same conditions, the iron, stir in well, and finally add the remainder of the wine.



Macerate 100 parts of cinchona succirubra in coarse powder for 30 minutes in 100 parts of boiling water. Strain off the liquor and set aside. Macerate the residuum in 1,000 parts of California Malaga for 24 hours, strain off the liquid and set aside. Finally macerate the magma in 500 parts of alcohol, of 50 per cent, for 1 hour, strain off and set aside. Wash the residue with a little water to recover all the alcoholic tincture; then unite all the 25 liquids, let stand for 24 hours, ana filter. To the filtrate add 800 parts loaf sugar and dissolve by the aid of gentle heat and again filter. The product is all that could be asked of a wine of cinchona. To make a ferrated wine of this, dissolve 1 part of citro-ammoniacal pyrophosphate of iron to every 1,000 parts of wine.


Yvon recommends the following formula:

Red cinchona, coarse powder........... 5 parts

Alcohol, 60 per cent.. 10 parts

Diluted hydrochloric acid............. 1 part

Bordeaux wine......100 parts

Macerate the bark with the acid and alcohol for 6 days, shaking from time to time, add the wine, macerate for 24 hours, agitating frequently, then filter.

Removal of Musty Taste and Smell from Wine

For the removal of this unpleasant quality, Kulisch recommends the use of a piece of charcoal of about the size of a hazel nut—5 to 10 parts per 1,000 parts of wine. After this has remained in the cask for 6 to 8 weeks, and during this time has been treated once a week with a chain or with a stirring rod, the wine can be racked off. Obstinate turbidness, as well as stalk taste and pot flavor, can also be obviated by the use of the remedy.