To secure the most brilliant results the sensitized paper, before, during, and after its exposure to light, must be kept as dry as possible.

The paper is exposed to daylight, in the printing frame, for about one-third of the time necessary for ordinary silver paper.

The print is then immersed in the developer for about 30 seconds, then cleared in 3 acid baths containing 1 part of muriatic acid C. P. to 60 parts of water, washed for a short time in running water, the whole operation of printing, clearing, and washing being complete in about half an hour.

As a general rule all parts of the picture except the highest lights should be visible when the exposure is complete.

When examining the prints in the printing frames, care should be taken not to expose them unduly to light; for the degradation of the whites of the paper due to slight action of light is not visible until after development.

Ansco Platinum Paper

Print until a trace of the detail desired is slightly visible in the high lights.


Best results are obtained with the temperature of the developer from 60° to 80° P. Immerse the print in the developer with a quick sweeping motion to prevent air bells. Develop in artificial or weak daylight. The development of a print from a normal negative will require 40 seconds or more.

Formula for Developer

Water............. 50 ounces

Neutral oxalate of potash.......... 8 ounces

Potassium phosphate (monobasic) 1 ounce

Care must be used to obtain the monobasic potassium phosphate.

Immediately after prints are developed, place them face down in the first acid bath, composed of

Muriatic acid, C. P. 1 ounce Water............. 60 ounces

After remaining in this bath for a period of about 5 minutes, transfer to the second acid bath of the same strength. The prints should pass through at least 3 and preferably 4 acid baths, to remove all traces of iron that may remain in the pores of the paper.

When thoroughly cleared, the print should be washed from 10 to 20 minutes in running water. If running water is not available, several changes of water in the tray will be necessary.