From jewelers' rouge, plumbago, and suet, equal parts, melted together and stirred until cold.


From prepared putty powder (levigated oxide of tin), 3 parts; lard, 2 parts; crocus martis, 1 part; triturated together.


Prepared putty powder, 1 ounce; powdered oxalic acid, 1/4 ounce; powdered gum, 20 grains; make a stiff paste with water, quantity sufficient, and evenly and thinly spread it over the strop, the other side of which should be covered with any of the common greasy mixtures. With very little friction this paste gives a fine edge to the razor, and its action is still further increased by slightly moistening it, or even breathing on it. Immediately after its use, the razor should receive a few turns on the other side of the strop.