Roup in poultry is caused by the presence of parasites or entozoa in the windpipe. Young birds are most commonly affected. The best method of treatment is to expose the affected bird to the fumes of heated carbolic acid until on the point of suffocation. The bird may be placed in a box with a hot brick, and carbolic acid placed thereon. The fowls soon recover from the incipient suffocation, and are almost always freed from the disease. Care must be taken to burn the parasites coughed out, and the bodies of any birds which may die of the disease. The following powders for the treatment of "roup" in poultry have been recommended:


Potassium chlorate . . 1 ounce

Powdered cubebs.... 1 ounce

Powdered anise..... 1/2 ounce


Powdered licorice.. .. 1.5 ounces

Mix a teaspoonful with the food for 20 hens.

Ammonium chloride. 1 ounce

Black antimony..... 1/4 ounce

Powdered anise..... 1/2 ounce

Powdered squill..... 1/4 ounce

Powdered licorice.. . . 2 ounces

Mix and use in the foregoing.