Perfumed Carbolic Acid


Carbolic acid (cryst.). 1 ounce

Alcohol...."........ 1 ounce

Oil bergamot......... 10 minims

Oil eucalyptus...... 10 minims

Oil citronella........ 3 minims

Tincture cudbear.. .. 10 minims

Water, to make...... 10 ounces

Set aside for several days, and then filter through fuller's earth.


Carbolic acid (cryst.) 4 drachms

Cologne water....... 4 drachms

Dilute acetic acid.... 9 ounces Keep in a cool place for a few days, and filter.

Treatment of Carbolic-Acid Burns

Thoroughly wash the hands with alcohol, and the burning and tingling will almost immediately cease. Unless employed immediately, however, the alcohol has no effect. When the time elapsed since the burning is too great for alcohol to be of value, brush the burns with a saturated solution of picric acid in water.

Decolorization of Carbolic Acid

To decolorize the acid the following simple method is recommended. For purifying carbolic acid which has already become quite brown-red on account of having been kept in a tin vessel, the receptacle is exposed for a short time to a temperature of 25° C. (77° F.), thus causing only a part of the contents to melt. In this state the acid is put into glass funnels and left to stand for 10 to 12 days in a room which is likewise kept at the above temperature. Clear white crystals form from the drippings, which remained unchanged, protected from air and light, while by repeating the same process more clear crystals are obtained from the solidified dark colored mother lye. In this manner 75 to 80 per cent of clear product is obtained altogether.