Colored Sand

Sift fine white sand from the coarser particles and color it as follows:


Blue.—Boil 106 parts of sand and 4 of Berlin blue with a small quantity of water, stirring constantly, and dry as soon as the sand is thoroughly colored.


Black Sand.—Heat very fine quartz sand, previously freed from dust by sifting, and add to every 0.25 pound of it 6 to 8 spoonfuls of fat. Continue the heating as long as smoke or a flame is observed on stirring. The sand is finally washed and dried. This black sand will not rub off.


Dark-Brown Sand.—Boil white sand in a decoction of brazil wood and dry it over a fire.


Rose-colored sand is obtained by mixing 100 parts of white sand with 4 parts of vermilion.

Lawn Sand

Lawn sand may be prepared by mixing crude ammonium sulphate, 65 parts, with fine sand, 35 parts. This mixture will kill daisies and plantains, but does not permanently injure the grass of lawns. A most effective method of killing plantains is to put, during dry weather, a full teaspoonful of common salt in the head of each.