Styptics are substances which arrest local bleeding. Creosote, tannic acid, alcohol, alum, and most of the astringent salts belong to this class.

Brocchieri's Styptic

A nostrum consisting of the water distilled from pine tops.                                    (

Helvetius's Styptic—Iron filings (fine) and cream of tartar mixed to a proper consistence with French brandy.

Eaton's Styptic

A solution of sulphate disguised by the addition of some unimportant substances. Helvetius's styptic was for a long time employed under this title.

Styptic Paste of Gutta Percha

Gutta percha, 1 ounce; Stockholm tar, 1.5 or 2 ounces; creosote, 1 drachm; shellac, 1 ounce; or quantity sufficient to render it sufficiently hard. To be boiled together with constant stirring, till it forms a homogeneous mass. For alveolar hemorrhage, and as a styptic in toothache. To be softened by molding with the fingers.