[Gk. anthein, to flower or shine ; and ops, the eye.] A genus of ruminating animals, intermediate between the deer and the goat. Their horns are hollow and permanent, not annually renewed ; those of the deer are solid, and shed every year. Their horns are also round and curved, with rings running round them, and are always black. There are many species in Africa, about fifteen in Asia, two, the chamois and the saiga, in Europe, and two, the pronghorn and the Rocky Mountain goat, in North America. In Africa, particularly in South Africa, antelopes are very abundant, some of the species congregating in immense herds. Their sizes vary from the Guavy, or Pigmy Antelope of Africa, only eight or nine inches high, to forms which are five or six feet high. Most of them yield palatable food, and they are much hunted.