[AS.] A hoofed animal, closely related to the sheep, and found either wild or tame in almost every part of the world. It is easily tamed, and is a hardy, healthy animal. Its horns curve outward, its chin is bearded, its covering is of hair rather than wool, and its tail is short. It thrives on scanty pasture, where a sheep could not find support. Goats roam on hills, and in many countries are very numerous. Large flocks may be seen on the mountains of France, Switzerland, and Italy. The skin of the goat makes excellent leather ; that of the young goat or kid is used for gloves. Goat-skin also makes morocco leather. The fleece yields two kinds of hair, long and short. Ropes and lawyers' wigs are made of goats' hair. The hair of Cashmere goats is woven into fine shawls. The Angora goat resembles the Cashmere, and its hair is used in making zephyr cloth.