[AS.] A farm-yard bird used as food, as cock or hen, turkey or duck. Hens feed on grain and seeds, and also worms, flies and beetles. Farm-yard cocks and hens are a mixture of breeds. Game fowls are smaller, and have more delicate legs. Dorkings were first raised at Dorking, England, and are large birds and good layers. Spanish birds are large, with glossy black feathers. Cochin Chinas are clumsy in shape, and usually reddish-brown, white, gray, or silver gray. Black-breasted Malays and Shanghais are large birds. Hamburgs or grays are silvery white and black speckled. Bantams are very small and courageous. Black and white Hou-dans are French fowls, and white Leghorns are Italian. The points of a fowl are the neck and saddle hackles, the wing coverts, tail, comb, ear-lobe, wattles, breast, thighs, and legs.