[AS.] A carnivorous wild animal belonging to the Dog tribe, famous for its cunning. It has a fine coat of reddish-brown fur, low forehead, ears pointed, and wide at the base, and a splendid bushy tail of the same color, tipped, like its breast, with white. The fox is very mischievous, and usually lives in holes on the borders of a farm, which it visits by night. Its food is poultry, game, rabbits, but also frogs, mice, and insects. It is fond of berries and fruits, grapes and honev. Fox-hunting is a popular sport in Britain, fox-hounds being kept to scent and chase the animal, which leaves a strong odor. It tries to deceive the dogs, and passes over a 64O marsh, or through a thicket, or jumps up a fence or tree, to break the scent. The skin of the fox is very useful ; that of the Arctic fox being much valued. This animal changes the color of its skin several times during the year, and in winter is white. The skin of the silver or black fox of North America is most valuable. The common foxes of Europe and America are very similar. Fox-brush is the tail of a fox.

Fox-terrier is one of a peculiar breed of terriers, used in hunting to drive foxes from their holes. There are rough and smooth haired varieties.