[AS.] A swimming-bird of the same family as the swan and duck. It is common in most parts of the world. The gander is usually white and the female gray. The goose is larger than the duck. It feeds chiefly on rushes and insects. The common European goose is supposed to have been derived from the graylag goose. The bean goose, the American wild goose, and the Arctic goose are the best known kinds. The Cape Barren goose of Australia, though web-footed, never swims, but is a grazing-bird.

Wild geese are of a grayish-brown color, and migrate from the tropics to northern regions and the reverse. They fly in two lines like the sides of a triangle, in flocks of from ten to one hundred. They nest in swamp grass, and, though undisturbed by natural sounds, are quickly on the alert on the approach of the hunter.