[O.E. mold warp = thrower-up of mould or earth.] The mole is found in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America ; but is not found in Ireland or in the Western Isles of Scotland. From its habits and mode of life it is one of the most interesting of mammals. It lives underground, and seldoms sees the light. Its food consists of earthworms and the larvae of insects. It has a long cylindrical body, very short limbs, and a pointed snout. Its forearms, hands, and claws are shaped into strong tools for scraping, digging, and shoveling away the earth. The eyes are completely hidden in the fur, and though the sense of sight is probably very imperfect, the senses of hearing and smelling are very acute. Moles in making their tunnels damage the roots of plants, but they are very useful in destroying a vast number of grubs, which would otherwise feed on and do more damage to the roots than the moles.