[AS. ula.] A raptorial bird that howls or hoots at night. The owl has a short, stout form, downy feathers, and a large head with a flat face. The eyes are round and staring, and have a fringe of stiff feathers around them ; and the bill is short, strong, and hooked. During the day owls hide away in trees, caves, and old buildings; and in the dusk of the evening, when they see better than in broad daylight, they fly around looking for game. Their food consists chiefly of rats, mice, moles, squirrels, and other small quadrupeds ; but they sometimes feed on other birds, and some of the smaller kinds eat moths, beetles, and other insects. They catch their prey with their claws, and swallow it whole at one gulp. There are many kinds-barn, eared, hawk, horned, screech, and snowy owls.

Ox. [AS. oxa.] The general name for the different species and varieties of the ruminant quadrupeds belonging to the genus Bos. The species is distinguished by having smooth, hollow, persistent horns, growing on a bony core, by having the body thick and heavy, and the tail long, terminated by a tuft of hair.