[AS.] A large body of salt water smaller than an ocean, though the term is often applied to the whole ocean. The ocean covers nearly 8-nths of the area of the globe, and its depth averages 2,000 fathoms. The salts in the sea are on an average 31/2 percent., the remainder being water. Of the salts, nearly 78 per cent, is chlo-ride of sodium, 11 per cent. is chloride and bromide of magnesium, and 10 per cent. sulphates of lime, magnesium and potash, with a very small quantity of carbonate of lime. The usual tint of the sea is bluish-green ; but the color of the soil or the color of the sky, and other local circumstances, produce many variations. The sea is inhabited by a vast number and variety of animals, from the simplest forms to the fish, reptiles like the turtle, and mammals like the whales and seals. Many forms are found at great depths in the water, some of these being phosphorescent; some are blind, others have very large eyes. There are also many small phosphorescent animals on the surface, so abundant in places that the ocean seems like a sea of fire.