An animal brown in color, and very like a common mouse, except that the nose is much longer and more pointed, the stomach is white, and the tail is square instead of round. These little creatures are treated very cruelly. In some places many people believe that the bite of a shrew is poisonous, and that if one merely runs over the foot of a man or an animal sickness or even death will follow. The American water-shrew has fringed feet. The old Egyptians worshipped the shrew. Many mummies of this little creature have been found in their temples. In Scotland it is sometimes called the ranny; and also the fetid mouse, it having a musky smell, so strong that cats will not eat it, though they kill numbers. Like the mole, if makes long tunnels under the earth in search of food ; but it makes its nest above the ground in any little hole it can find. Some of them are the smallest of all mammals.